Can you charter a yacht in greece?

Whether you like history and culture, or prefer to relax and enjoy water sports, a Greek yacht charter has it all. The best Greek islands to rent in the summer months of high season are the Ionian islands of Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Ithaca. Sailing holidays for 12 friends are available in our Sun Loft 47 monocat in Athens, Corfu and Lavrio. Fly to Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (ATH), Greece, directly from New York with Emirates or with scheduled stops from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago with American Airlines.

We can arrange airport transfers on request to our marina, which takes about an hour by taxi. Make sure your passport is dated and valid during your stay and we have visa tips in our practical information section. The Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Sporades and the Ionians are the magnificent islands that create a beautiful and historic setting for a sailing holiday in Greece. Each of the three Moorings bases in Greece offers a unique vantage point from which to enjoy the islands, whether in seclusion or in tourist towns teeming with white sand beaches, top-notch restaurants and trendy boutiques.

Yacht charters in Greece can include open water passages or cruises in tranquil gulfs and bays, and always the opportunity to explore fascinating ancient ruins. It's all a matter of preference when renting in Greece. Sailing yachts are also available with a crew who can prepare delicious meals and prepare drinks for you and your guests. It is usually cheaper to start chartering a Greek yacht in Athens and spend the day sailing to the desired starting point, enjoying your yacht to the fullest and enjoying the scenery as you travel along the way.

Whether you need to rent a larger yacht for a group of friends departing from Corfu or you want to rent a smaller yacht for a romantic getaway departing from Athens, it's easy to plan your perfect holiday under the Greek sun on a yacht charter. You can start a yacht charter in Mykonos, but you will most likely have to pay a hefty repositioning fee as most yachts have their home port in Athens. Greece and its countless idyllic islands offer a wealth of opportunities for memorable yachting adventures, with a large number of companies offering private yacht charter deals in the area. Usually yachts are rented for a week, but you can choose to rent them for less than a week or more.

The whole region is steeped in history and is truly unparalleled cruising ground for your yacht charter in Greece. We combine thousands of yacht listings with information on local destinations, sample itineraries and experiences to offer the most comprehensive yacht charter website in the world. Water and electricity are available at the base free of charge on the first and last day and fuel can be delivered to your yacht. If you want to find the yacht somewhere else, for example, Santorini, Mykonos, you can expect to pay a hefty repositioning fee.

A Greek yacht charter license is a special permit that allows yachts to start and end a yacht charter in Greece. Among its fleet there are yachts ranging from 10 to 100 meters, 261 of which are offered as unmanned charters (without skipper or crew) and the rest as crewed yachts. This means that competition for yachts is fierce and it is even more crucial to start the booking process from the beginning. Greece has a very diverse yacht charter market, so you can be sure to find the perfect yacht for you and your charter group.

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