Can you rent a yacht for a weekend?

NYC by Water offers 46-foot yacht charters that can accommodate up to 12 guests. A crewed yacht charter offers the ultimate all-inclusive vacation on the water aboard your own private sailing or motor catamaran. With a professional captain and a gourmet chef, your group of up to 10 people will enjoy spacious rooms and a personalized, top-quality yacht charter experience. Yacht charter prices vary depending on your destination, the season and, of course, the luxury you want to go.

Also remember that, although these elegant sea boats offer a decadent setting for a romantic weekend on the water, they are not really designed for couples. Splitting the cost of renting a yacht for a week among eight or more guests can make the price of luxury yacht charters compare favorably to that charged by a luxury hotel. The average yacht charter is around a week, and many companies have minimum stays of at least five days. While prices for more expensive yachts are stable, there are some deals on smaller yachts, at least for now.

The destinations here are as dazzling as they are captivating, although the Italian Amalfi coast and Croatia's Dalmatian coast are among the most popular spots for a Mediterranean yacht holiday. The very idea of a yacht holiday may evoke an image of the super-rich and, perhaps, copious amounts of champagne as well, but these bucket list getaways aren't just for A-listers. If you decide to rent a bungalow by the sea, a large number of surf clubs, sailing schools, beaches and seafood will keep you busy during your stay. These are daily yacht charters, which means that you can rent up to a certain number of hours each day, depending on the charter.

Prestige Yacht Charters offers luxury private boat charters and dinner cruises on well-equipped intimate private yachts, dinner boats of all sizes and grand dinner yachts. For Ziriakus, superyachts measure 120 feet or more, megayachts exceed 200 feet or more, and gigayachts represent a new breed of yachts that spans 400 feet or more, although he points out that these definitions are open to interpretation among the industry. Skipping traditional hotels and renting holiday homes gives you the freedom to explore at a proper pace, so it's no surprise that a popular option is to rent a crewed yacht outside Wickham's Cay to jump through the British and the U. Some yachts come with zorbs, marine pools (a large net frame that keeps marine life out of a defined bathing area) and slides that can be deployed from the top of the yacht directly into the ocean.

Prestige Yacht Charters of New York offers affordability and flexibility for your special nautical event.

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