Do people hook up on yacht week?

A little less than two girls per guy may not seem like much, but most of our crew decided on “Girlfriends of Yacht Week”, which means they got together with the same girl every night. If getting laid is one of your goals at Yacht Week Croatia, you're in luck. Don't connect with a pattern. The bosses have a meeting in early summer where they are given the do's and don'ts at work.

During the meeting they are told the most important rule of summer. It's not “don't damage the boat” or “leave no one behind”. It's “don't block a fellow captain's cock”. Our boss told us that her average was three girls a week, and that she was batting low.

Everyone is here to create memories that last a lifetime. That includes new relationships and friendships, not just connections. And so we anchored like this all night. That's the hardest part of The Yacht Week.

Most injuries occur because there is no “supervision” or safety. Of course, every individual must be responsible for himself. However, for a captain it is demanding both physically and mentally, since he is fully responsible for the crew. Many captains are completely exhausted after two or three weeks, you run out of strength quickly.

Yacht Week is known to be a little disorganized. It's all part of the fun and madness of the trip, but when the crew drinks as much as the guests, you can't always count on things going exactly as scheduled. Patience is your best friend here, and a glass of wine always seems to help too. Yacht Week may seem like a convention of those people, and whether you can handle a full week of partying practically non-stop is something you can determine for yourself.

He told me that the following year they would definitely be looking for new people, so I asked him for the position of skipper. Perhaps understandably, residents and guests haven't been too keen on Hvarday, as the Yacht Week horde descends for perhaps the most raucous parties of the week (the famous afternoon party scheduled at the Carpe Diem bar sees hundreds of dollars worth of champagne sprayed like fire extinguishers). The Hvar city council has repeatedly voted in favor of the Yacht Week banishment, alleging noise and alcohol abuse; some claimed that people vomited in the water and fainted drunk on the waterfront. At The Yacht Week parties you usually get one or two free drinks with your wristband, but then you have to pay for your drinks.

The two photographers who accompany each Yacht Week race, co-founder Erik Björklund later tells me, were there practically since the beginning of Yacht Week. So you've decided to get a group of friends together or (if you're really feeling adventurous) book a cabin with a boat full of strangers for The Yacht Week Croatia. Since participating in The Yacht Week, they have added several new routes, including a route through Italy, which they are promoting as slower paced for “sophisticated sailors” and food fans. Some rooms in the monohauls and catamarans offered by Yacht Week are larger than others, but the small rooms are small for two people.

There are now four types of yachts you can book with The Yacht Week: Economy, Standard, Premium and Premium Plus. For those who want to enjoy something more than party, Hvar and Vis are the most interesting thing, people rent scooters, quads, cars and tour the island. A few days later, we will participate in one of the most popular (and photogenic, the two are almost always one and the same) events of Yacht Week, which consists of joining up to 20 yachts together in the shape of a star while everyone jumps in the center on their inflatables, many of them hitting the Jägermeister directly from the bottle while they do. If you can't wait to get to The Yacht Week and party all week and your friend is looking for a quiet and relaxing week of sailing and sightseeing, it's not going to work.

Almost everyone I spoke to said they chose Yacht Week, either because of the professional photos on Facebook in which they tagged their friends or because of the YouTube trailer, made by a director best known for his music videos, which have currently been viewed more than three million times. But before committing to your first trip with the travel company, it's best to know exactly what you're getting into, because we all have different styles of travel and Yacht Week is definitely not for everyone. . .

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