How do i prepare for yacht week?

Yacht Week Tips and Tricks: What You Need to KnowFloaties'. If you are a light traveler, many people from previous weeks donate their floats at the end of the week. Pre-designed package or create your own? Stick to fresh snacks and plan to buy just two meals a day during the week. Unless you're on a tight budget, plan to eat out at least one meal a day.

If you're looking for a hostess, you'll have breakfast and lunch every day and you won't have to think about anything. However, you will pay for the food, about 750 USD for their services, and also for their dinner. If you're trying to eat on a budget, you can always buy some things at the grocery store and cook yourself. You'll also have the opportunity to eat lots of meals on land and, some days, you're probably sleeping all breakfast anyway.

In yacht week, people go around making bad decisions and, therefore, they break limbs, drop or lose valuables, or at best, emerge as a giant bruise. And you won't even know where they come from 99% of the time. Make the trip silly by bringing costumes, floats, face paint and lots of accessories to make your photo sequence memorable. Pack only the items needed to save space on your yacht, a waterproof phone case, non-slip shoes and an AUX cable are just some of the essentials to make your excursion perfect.

Each of The Yacht Week's routes has its own unique experience to offer, with some standing out as favorites among attendees. During the day you will sail to the next destination. There is plenty of time to stop a couple of times to swim and relax. Talk to people you like and suggest browsing together.

If you put together some boats, you can form a circle somewhere and create a pool. If you can't wait to get to The Yacht Week and have fun all week and your friend is looking for a quiet and relaxing week of sailing and sightseeing, it's not going to work. I unknowingly contacted a skipper of the yacht week who went ahead with a glorious golden-winged swan for free. Whether you book for Italy, Montenegro, Greece or any of your other attractive route options, there is plenty to prepare for as you embark on the weeklong yacht party.

Jumping from yacht to yacht at 2 in the morning finding the best boat party is a lot of fun, but believe it or not, it's not completely free of dangers. For starters, you'll meet the others on your yacht and most likely end up going to parties together I guess. At The Yacht Week parties you usually get one or two free drinks with your wristband, but then you have to pay for your drinks. If you look at the landing page on The Yacht Week site to see the location you've chosen, you'll see an example route, highlights of the route and what a typical day will look like there.

So you've decided to get a group of friends together or (if you're really feeling adventurous) book a cabin with a boat full of strangers for The Yacht Week Croatia. In preparation for my second dose of The Yacht Week, I found myself reflecting on how unprepared I had been for my first The Yacht Week. You're not going to be the only one flying to Split during yacht week, so I suggest you book flights as soon as you've booked your yacht. Adventure is just around the corner for those planning to take an excursion on the seas with The Yacht Week.

Since I went to The Yacht Week, they have added several new routes, including a route from Italy, which they are promoting as slower paced for “sophisticated sailors and food fanatics”. Booking a full yacht gives you the flexibility to choose your own yacht based on budget and crew size. .

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