How much do yacht week skippers make?

The vast majority of boats also hire a skipper provided by The Yacht Week. Spend an unforgettable week on a yacht with your own skipper and up to 12 friends. Can't you fill an entire yacht? Use our handy crew finder to connect with other travelers. Masters of the ocean, they will sail and sail with their crew, show you the hidden gems along the way and ensure that your safety is the priority.

Skippers are also included in all bookings. If you decide to book a skippered yacht in Croatia, you should note that skipper service is not included in the rental price. The price of the skipper varies depending on the type of boat. Guests are required to pay 120 EUR to 150 EUR per day for skipper service on board sailing yachts, while they will pay 140 EUR to 200 EUR per day for the captain on board the catamaran or motor yacht.

Becoming a skipper at Yacht Week is a great thing to do. In addition to being one of the best jobs in the water, the people you know and the experience you gain from being part of this organization can prepare you for years in the future. There is nothing better than a hostess because they make magic happen: they cook for you, they make dinner reservations for you, they really do everything your boss doesn't do. The founders of Sailing Virgins started things as a result of having incredible sailing seasons in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean working for the sailing company The Yacht Week.

I will be exploring new sites, navigation possibilities and opportunities to develop navigation in Vietnam. The nine steps below will help you become not just a skipper of The Yacht Week, but a confident one. He told me that the following year they would definitely look for new people, so I asked him for the position of skipper. The skipper is the person who is responsible for operating the yacht and is responsible for the safety of all persons on board.

If you look at the landing page on The Yacht Week site to see your chosen location, you'll see an example route, highlights of the route, and what a typical day will look like there. These are mainly very rich young people, since the boats in The Yacht Week usually cost up to three times more to rent than a normal charter boat. This post introduces The Yacht Week, the Skipper Academy, and gives you the nine steps to becoming a Skipper of Yacht Week.

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