How much does a yacht trip cost?

Part of your yacht charter agreement will include an Advance Supply Allowance or APA. This is an amount of about 30-35 percent of the charter fare for a “plus all expenses” charter and about five percent for an “all-inclusive charter”. It is sent to the yacht before the charter to stock the yacht according to your preferences. One point to keep in mind, you're expected to include your crew's meal costs, so keep this in mind when planning the cost of chartering a yacht.

If you want to rent a larger yacht, such as a 100 foot yacht, then, for safety reasons, you should choose a crewed or skippered yacht. The standard amount of a gratuity on a yacht with incidental charges is 15-20%, in addition to the basic charter rate. Some yachts come with zorbs, marine pools (a large net structure that keeps marine life out of a defined swimming area), and slides that can be deployed from the top of the yacht directly into the ocean. This motor yacht has five cabins (four doubles and one double), an open plan space ideal for relaxing and socializing, spacious lounge and dining areas, and plenty of water toys to enjoy.

A yacht can include a “standard wine selection” with each meal and charge only to improve the vintages, while on another yacht the wines are à la carte. In addition, the cost of renting a yacht will depend on whether you rent a bareboat yacht or a crewed yacht. If a yacht has a gap in its charter schedule to fill, for example, after an unexpected cancellation, some brokers will occasionally offer a limited-time charter rate discount offer.

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