How much does it cost to charter a super yacht in greece?

Renting a yacht in Greece is the best way to explore the country in style. A wide variety of yacht itineraries %26 will meet all demands even for the most peculiar people. A short cost range for crewed yachts is from 15, 000 - 20, 000 per week, all inclusive, to 1 million euros per week, all inclusive. A yacht charter in Greece promises one of the most magical experiences anywhere in the Mediterranean.

With more coastline than anywhere else in Europe and around 6,000 islands to explore, Greece offers endless opportunities for discovery on your next superyacht charter. Whether you are looking for fun in the sun in Mykonos, a romantic getaway in Santorini or peace and quiet on the Ionian Islands, a yacht charter in Greece will fulfill all your wishes. Sailing yachts are also available with a crew who can prepare delicious meals and prepare drinks for you and your guests. As Greece is located in southern Europe and surrounded by the Aegean, Crete, Libya and Ionian seas, renting a yacht in Greece has all the ingredients for a perfect vacation.

If you want to spend most of your time on land or splash around in the sea, a yacht with a planning helmet is the best option for you. For example, if you want to enjoy a gulet charter, you can choose between cabin hire, share the cruise with others or an exclusive charter, rent the entire yacht for you and your group. Whether you need to rent a larger yacht for a group of friends departing from Corfu or you want to rent a smaller yacht for a romantic getaway departing from Athens, it's easy to plan your perfect holiday under the Greek sun on a yacht charter. Charters itemizing expenses charge a base price for the ship and crew and then pay all other charges through an Advance Provisioning Allocation or APA.

There is a wide variety of motor yachts for rent, as well as traditional sailing yachts and Turkish gulets. You can rent a gulet exclusively (you and your group rent the entire boat and crew at your service) or you can choose to rent only your cabin, sharing the boat. While prices for more expensive yachts are stable, there are some deals on smaller yachts, at least for now. Yacht charter in Vouliagmeni is very exclusive, as the idyllic coastal town is a popular paradise for superyachts for a vacation starting or ending in Athens.

Greece has a very diverse yacht charter market, so you can be sure to find the perfect yacht for you and your charter group. We combine thousands of yacht listings with information on local destinations, sample itineraries and experiences to offer the most comprehensive yacht charter website in the world. The charter fee covers the rental price of the yacht itself (just as the car rental price covers the car itself). A full-crew charter is the top-notch service you can opt for when you're about to charter a yacht in Greece.

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