How much does it cost to charter a yacht in nyc?

This elegant 80-foot 1890-style pilot schooner is a marvel of New York Harbor. The Adirondack Schooner has been sailing in New York City Harbor since the fall of 1999 and offers many View Yacht yachts. Zephyr is a 147-foot catamaran designed for harbor cruises and special events and is USCG certified to carry up to 450 passengers. Atlantica is a perfect location for weddings, corporate events and celebrations that require the accommodation of a beautiful yacht with a view.

Royal Princess is a spacious three-level luxury yacht with additional private executive suite, perfect for guests as small as 75 or larger for up to 180 guests. Conveniently located in Chelsea Piers, this New York yacht charter is perfect for larger venues, such as corporate functions, award ceremonies, View Yacht. NY Boat & Yacht Rental Weddings NY Boat & Yacht Rental Corporate Events NY Yacht & Boat Rental Bar Mitzvahs NY Boat & Yacht Rental Birthday Celebrations NY Boat & Yacht Charter Sweet 16 NY Yacht & Boat Charter Meetings & Events NY Boat & Yacht Rental Private Boat Charter NYC and New Jersey Corporate Events, New Jersey Same-Sex Wedding Venues in New York and New Jersey, New Jersey Wedding Receptions on a Yacht in New York Harbor. The Metro Yacht Charters Affinity was built as a private yacht in 1967 for the owner of a southern shipyard and the family enjoyed years of sailing in the Gulf of Mexico.

These are daily yacht charters, which means that you can rent up to a certain number of hours each day, depending on the charter. With 2 decks, this luxury yacht is perfect for elaborate entertainments featuring panoramic windows, View Yacht. It can accommodate dinner or lunch cruises and is the perfect luxury yacht charter for weddings, corporate events and family reunions at View Yacht. If you've decided to rent a boat in New York City, here are three very popular things you can do while exploring this famous area on your boat or yacht charter in New York.

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