How much does it cost to rent a superyacht?

At a basic level, renting a yacht means paying a fee to rent a superyacht from the owner for an agreed period of time with a pre-set itinerary of where you will sail on board. This will similarly include the cost of the yacht and its equipment, crew and laundry salaries, as well as any specific berthing fees required for Greek waters. Communications are another cost and, with satellite and Internet communications options, an important one for most charterers. The base charter rate essentially refers to the charter cost of the yacht itself, with all equipment in operation, in addition to the cost of food and crew salaries during the entire charter.

For those who feel safer behind a screen, several different online platforms, such as Ahoy Club, Yotha and Borrow a Boat, allow them to get around and book their yacht. Different yachts are located in different locations and usually move throughout the year, so if you have your heart set on experiencing Lady E's brand new beach club during spring break, you'll be sailing across the Indian Ocean. An all-inclusive charter yacht includes accommodation for all guests, food and drink, water sports activities and fuel costs; berthing fees and taxes are charged separately. For example, charter guests who intend to eat caviar and aged wine regularly can expect to pay more, while guests aboard a charter sailboat can expect to save on fuel costs.

If it's not clear why two yachts of the same size are priced very differently, ask your yacht agent to explain what the differences are.

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