How much does renting a yacht cost?

This depends on the type of boat you are looking at and how long you will need it. If you are planning to give a very special cruise gift to a larger group of people, say 10 to 15 years old, the best option is to rent a large yacht. All of the yacht's laundry, including towels, sheets and table linen, is included in the rental rate, but some yachts charge for washing the charterer's personal items. If you've decided to rent a boat in New York City, here are three very popular things you can do while exploring this famous area on your boat or yacht charter in New York.

Most yachts now operate at a year-round fare, but a small handful of yachts offer a slightly lower fare for charter flights during the summer season. If a yacht has a gap in its charter schedule to fill, for example, after an unexpected cancellation, some brokers will occasionally offer a limited-time charter rate discount offer. To help you quickly find the right yacht that you can rent according to your needs and budget, I have compiled a list of the most popular yacht charter sites based on their locations. This will similarly include the cost of the yacht and its equipment, crew and laundry salaries, as well as any specific berthing fees required for Greek waters.

Sailing yachts are a popular choice among yachts enthusiasts, but by far the most popular charter yachts are motor yachts. If you want to rent a larger yacht, such as a 100 foot yacht, then, for safety reasons, you should choose a crewed or skippered yacht. An example of this yacht is the Tiger Lilly, a 50-foot motor yacht that you can rent from 4 to 8 hours. One yacht may have a larger and more experienced crew or a renowned chef, another yacht may be a little tired, another may not be in a prime location.

This also makes it one of the most expensive yachts in the world to charter, in line with what you will pay to rent the crème de la crème of the more “conventional” superyachts normally seen on the French Riviera, such as the ultra-glamorous O'Pari. A shipping fee is usually charged if a charterer requests to board (or leave) a yacht at a distance from where the yacht is normally located.

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