How much is a yacht per day?

Inclusive Caribbean Terms (CTI), sometimes referred to as Caribbean Standard Terms (SCT), are another type of charter contract that is more inclusive. It represents three meals a day and fuel for four hours of cruise a day. Some yachts under the terms of CTI include basic drinks (not vintage wines or champagnes), but this is mainly produced in the Virgin Islands. If you want to rent a larger yacht, such as a 100 foot yacht, then, for safety reasons, you should choose a crewed or skippered yacht.

There are sport fishing, sailing, motor, open (high performance) and expedition yachts, as well as multi-hull catamarans, gorge yachts (motor-sailing hybrids) and classic yachts (those built between the 1920s and 70s). Most yachts now operate at a year-round fare, but a small handful of yachts offer a slightly lower fare for charter flights during the summer season. Under the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) charter contracts, which are arguably the most common, the charterer is charged for yacht rental, fuel, marina fees, crew salaries, guest personal washing, insurance, water toys, food and drink, as well as maintenance of the engine room expenses. All of the yacht's laundry, including towels, sheets and table linen, is included in the rental rate, but some yachts charge for washing the charterer's personal items.

A yacht can include a “standard wine selection” with each meal and charge only to improve the vintages, while on another yacht the wines are à la carte. These charters must last at least one week or the charterer must be willing to pay a full week rate if he wants to rent the yacht for less than a week. A shipping fee is usually charged if a charterer requests to board (or leave) a yacht at a distance from where the yacht is normally located. For yachts that are chartered on the Greek islands and the mainland, another common phrase you may encounter is Greek terms or a GT contract.

One yacht may have a larger and more experienced crew or a renowned chef, another yacht may be a little tired, another may not be in a prime location. This will similarly include the cost of the yacht and its equipment, crew and laundry salaries, as well as any specific berthing fees required for Greek waters.

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