How much is a yacht that sleeps 12?

Indicates the possibility of sending an email. We will help you choose the perfect yacht for an extraordinary yacht charter experience, whether for a half day, full day or 1 week charter. This also makes it one of the most expensive yachts in the world to charter, in line with what you will pay to rent the crème de la crème of the more “conventional” superyachts normally seen on the French Riviera, such as the ultra-glamorous O'Pari. An all-inclusive charter yacht includes accommodation for all guests, food and drink, water sports activities and fuel costs; berthing fees and taxes are charged separately.

The standard amount of a gratuity on a yacht with incidental charges is 15-20%, in addition to the basic charter rate. Explorer yachts are motor yachts designed to cope with the most extreme conditions; if you are planning a luxury superyacht charter to Antarctica, for example, you are likely to be on board one of these. We have access to a wide selection of the best yachts for sale internationally, including new boats, repair yachts and used boats for sale, plus a range of sizes and boats such as sailing yachts, motor yachts, cruisers, powerboats, catamarans and used charter yachts. These charters must last at least one week or the charterer must be willing to pay a full week rate if he wants to rent the yacht for less than a week.

We combine thousands of yacht listings with information on local destinations, sample itineraries and experiences to offer the most comprehensive yacht charter website in the world. Over the past decade, scout yachts have exploded in popularity among intrepid travelers looking for an opulent adventure on the seven seas. Therefore, while an 80m yacht with 10 cabins can accommodate 20 people, for charter it can often only offer the same as a 50m yacht with 6 cabins for up to 12 guests.

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