How much is it to rent a yacht in greece for a week?

Renting a yacht in Greece is the best way to explore the country in style. A wide variety of yacht itineraries %26 will meet all demands even for the most peculiar people. A short cost range for crewed yachts is from 15,000 to 20,000 per week, all inclusive, to 1 million euros per week, all inclusive. The price of a yacht charter holiday in Greece varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of yacht, the age of the yacht, and the month in which you decide to rent a yacht.

Yacht charter in Vouliagmeni is very exclusive, as the idyllic coastal town is a popular paradise for superyachts for a vacation starting or ending in Athens. By working with a specialized group of world-class yacht brokers, operators and shipyards, a portfolio of yachts and services, carefully selected for your benefit, has been successfully created. The best time to rent a yacht in Greece is between July and August, but the warm weather usually extends until September and even May in certain destinations. From April to October, Greece reserves good weather and weather for yacht charter, having its best cruising period from June to September.

Around the main yachting centers of Greece, you will find many marinas that cater to a variety of yachts of different sizes. You can rent a gulet exclusively (you and your group rent the entire boat and crew at your service) or you can choose to rent only your cabin, sharing the boat. Find everything from luxury yacht charters on exquisite yachts to budget-friendly boat tours that will take you through the highlights of Greece without breaking the bank. That said, it is possible for a yacht with a foreign flag to rent in Greece as long as the charter starts and ends in international waters, such as Italy and Albania for yacht charters around the Ionian Islands or Turkey for charters around the Aegean islands.

After browsing the web and searching for different options for your sailing vacation, you may have noticed that most charter companies structure yacht charter in a similar way to renting a car. If you want to spend most of your time on land or splash around in the sea, a yacht with a planning helmet is the best option for you. Most Greek yacht itineraries start in Athens because about 90% of Greece's charter fleet has a base port in Athens. Greece has a very diverse yacht charter market, so you can be sure to find the perfect yacht for you and your charter group.

There is a wide variety of motor yachts for rent, as well as traditional sailing yachts and Turkish gulets. If you are passionate about monohulls, keep in mind that Greece, like Croatia, is the homeland of sailing charters and you have an endless alternative of sailing boats to rent there for your charter. A Greek yacht charter license is a special permit that allows yachts to start and end a yacht charter in Greece. Therefore, if you have a sailing license and enough experience to rent the yacht that drives you yourself, consider this detail.

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