How much it cost to rent a boat in greece?

You can also hire a skipper for your trip or rent a boat without a captain, depending on your experience in sailing charter in Greece. While it's perhaps the most glamorous sailing option in Greece, it's important to note that The Yacht Week has a serious party atmosphere, so if you're looking for a more relaxed adventure, this might not be the company for you. This can be a bit of fun on the water on a shore vacation or you can rent one while renting another yacht, you usually don't need a license for this type of option and Captain options are also generally available. For the Ionian Islands, you can find party destinations such as Kavos and the city of Corfu for those who want to dance the night away or organize a private party by boat.

Find everything from luxury yacht charters on exquisite yachts to budget-friendly boat tours that will take you through the highlights of Greece without breaking the bank. If you are from the United States, you can rent a yacht with an ASA 104 bareboat rating. A charter of yachts with a captain or a motor yacht with crew will cost you a little more, but you will have the peace of mind that you have someone on board who knows the waters and can take you safely to all the destinations you want. We have been talking for several years about how dreamy it would be to rent a boat and walk from island to island through some of the places in Greece.

Ideal for families and groups of friends, you get what you pay for: the more luxurious the yacht, the more it will cost, as larger catamarans are usually a crewed yacht charter. When you are looking for a one-week yacht charter in Greece, one feature of Sailo that might be interesting to you is the option of free booking the yacht charter of your choice, as well as modifying or canceling that reservation within 24 hours to ensure you make the best decision for your holiday in Greece. We recommend renting a boat for rent in Greece for any time, from late April to late June or mid to late September, so you can take advantage of a milder climate and calmer waters. Renting a boat for a week or more will give you enough time to experience a lot of what the incredible Greek islands have to offer, from sunsets in Santorini to fun in the sun in Paros and everything in between.

Yachts are usually chartered with a skipper and you can even find a crewed yacht charter in Greece if you want a truly luxurious trip. Both options are useful for renting boats in the north of the Ionian Sea and then having access to the Ionian Islands.

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