Is the yacht week fun?

Through this company, you and your closest friends can embark on a seven. Yacht Week is known to be a little disorganized. It's all part of the fun and madness of the trip, but when the crew drinks as much as the guests, you can't always count on things going exactly as scheduled. Patience is your best friend here, and a glass of wine always seems to help too.

Yacht Week must take place at your own pace and on your own terms. I took two nights off from the party to relax, enjoy a good dinner and gaze at the stars. It's easy to get into party mode all week long, but enjoy your trip and explore the local culture and food. Climb aboard a yacht for seven days and sail through beautiful destinations as they party the night away.

Take a bunch of (mostly) twentysomethings, put them on a yacht in the middle of the most beautiful places in the world (Greece, Thailand, Croatia, British Virgin Islands, etc.), offer professional photographers, planned parties and lots of alcohol and there you have a foolproof recipe for the best week of your life. Yacht Week may seem like a convention of those people and whether you can handle a full week of partying practically non-stop is something you can determine for yourself. Since I went to The Yacht Week, they have added several new routes, including a route from Italy, which they are promoting as slower paced for “sophisticated sailors and food fanatics”. There are now four types of yachts you can book with The Yacht Week: Economy, Standard, Premium and Premium Plus.

But before committing to your first trip with the travel company, it's best to know exactly what you're getting into, because we all have different styles of travel and Yacht Week is definitely not for everyone. In preparation for my second dose of The Yacht Week, I found myself reflecting on how unprepared I had been for my first The Yacht Week. The price does not include port taxes, a refundable deposit from the yacht company, transfers to and from the airport, water taxis, fuel, water and energy on land for the yacht, alcohol, meals out and additional meals for the skipper. Some rooms in the monohauls and catamarans offered by Yacht Week are larger than others, but the small rooms are small for two people.

At The Yacht Week parties you usually get one or two free drinks with your wristband, but then you have to pay for your drinks. If you look at the landing page on The Yacht Week site to see your chosen location, you'll see an example route, highlights of the route, and what a typical day will look like there.

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