Rent yacht for a night?

Justine is a luxury 97-foot private charter yacht based in New York City. It hosts up to 12 guests for day and night cruises, and can accommodate up to eight people during the night. Are you planning your spring or fall gala in NYC for your non-profit organization? Let Classic Harbor Line help you plan one of the most exclusive and productive events you have ever organized. Guests are sure to attend a gala on the water aboard New York's most inspiring yachts.

Dazzle your guests as you cruise the Statue of Liberty by boat and glide under the Brooklyn Bridge for a night of elegance. Manhattan Elite is a new luxury yacht for charter and is available for private cruises 26% events in New York. Zephyr is a 147-foot catamaran designed for harbor cruises and special events and is USCG certified to carry up to 450 passengers. If you decide to rent a bungalow by the sea, a large number of surf clubs, sailing schools, beaches and seafood will keep you busy during your stay.

Atlantica is a perfect location for weddings, corporate events and celebrations that require the accommodation of a beautiful yacht with a view. Prestige Yacht Charters offers luxury private boat charters and dinner cruises on well-equipped intimate private yachts, dinner boats of all sizes and grand dinner yachts. Whether you're looking for the perfect New York charter boat for your fishing adventure or you want a sunset dinner cruise with views of the Manhattan skyline, Sailo has you covered. With 2 decks, this luxury yacht is perfect for elaborate entertainments featuring panoramic windows, View Yacht.

These are daily yacht charters, which means that you can rent up to a certain number of hours each day, depending on the charter. Classic Harbor Line yachts are a popular entertainment venue for several New York City businesses. These yachts are perfect for corporate outings, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, team building and much more. With capacity for 150 to 400 guests, the Paddle Wheel Queen offers guests 2 large levels to eat and watch the yacht.

Yacht Charters offers romantic settings %26 Ceremonies on board, as well as options for traditional sit-down dinners or more stylized cocktail-style entertainment.

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