Rent yacht for a week?

A crewed yacht charter offers the ultimate all-inclusive vacation on the water aboard your own private sailing or motor catamaran. With a professional captain and a gourmet chef, your group of up to 10 people will enjoy spacious rooms and a personalized, top-quality yacht charter experience. The average yacht charter is around a week, and many companies have minimum stays of at least five days. With the cruise industry in tatters and the desire to travel remotely more than ever, renting a yacht can seem appealing.

If you've decided to rent a boat in New York City, here are three very popular things you can do while exploring this famous area on your boat or yacht charter in New York. Some yachts come with zorbs, marine pools (a large net structure that keeps marine life out of a defined swimming area), and slides that can be deployed from the top of the yacht directly into the ocean. Research by Northrop %26 Johnson found that the number of cabins and the capacity of the guests, followed by the reputation of the yacht, most affect the price of the more expensive yacht charters. Find and book your dream yacht through YachtCharterFleet, the world's leading luxury yacht rental comparison site.

We'll ensure that your tropical cruise getaway, diving vacation or luxury sailing vacation has experienced captains and yacht crew on board, so you can relax and enjoy the turquoise seas in the world's most stunning nautical destinations. While prices for more expensive yachts are stable, there are some deals on smaller yachts, at least for now. We will match you with a yacht expert in your time zone, who speaks your language and has experience and knowledge in chartering yachts at your desired location. We combine thousands of yacht listings with information on local destinations, sample itineraries and experiences to offer the most comprehensive yacht charter website in the world.

For the adventure of a lifetime, why not rent a yacht for a week to escape and enjoy with those special people in your life?.

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