What do you do on yacht week?

This is The Yacht Week, the original floating festival. Seven days of sailing, exploring picturesque corners of the world and dancing the night away with hundreds of like-minded travelers. You will have your own skipper and the freedom to chart your own path through stunning islands and incredible parties. Pay 26% sailing; secure your spot for just a 10% deposit Spend an unforgettable week on a yacht with your own skipper and up to 12 friends.

Can't you fill an entire yacht? Use our handy Crew Finder to connect with other travelers. Pay only 10% at the time of booking to secure your place. We make life a little less painful by asking for payments in three installments. Your 10% deposit is due at the time of booking, followed by 30% of the balance due 30 days after booking and the remaining 60% must be paid 60 days before your trip.

Premium and Luxury packages include 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches %26 2 dinners on board. For our Build Your Own packages, you can make a quick purchase at a local grocery store to pick up all the ingredients for the week (your host will take care of this if you book a host). The first step is always the hardest. But just because our 6 destinations are each as fabulous as the other.

Our events are held in 6 different locations, each hand-selected for its quiet sailing, stunning landscapes and cultural diversity. Our yachts have 3 to 5 cabins depending on size. All are equipped with a fully equipped kitchen that includes a fridge (stocked by you at ease) and oven; double and single cabins, bathrooms with showers and a comfortably sized salon (living room) that can function as a cabin. All yachts come with a skipper to drive the yacht.

If a cabin is for you, it's just you and a friend. In which case, you will join a yacht of other people who book a cabin. All our cabins can accommodate 2 people, in the form of a double bed or a bunk bed. Cabin reservations include the price of a skipper, hostess, etc.

Wondering if you can book now and pay later? Well, yeah. You can guarantee the week of your life without spending all the money at once. You can pay for your yacht or your cabin in 3 installments, with only 10% on the reservation. First things first, do everything in your power to pack in a soft duffel bag.

If everyone arrives with big, hard suitcases, there is nowhere to store them and they will lie on top of their beds or in the living room. Do all your grocery and beverage purchases throughout the week on the first day together. Buy twice as much alcohol and water as you think you need and half as much food. There are now four types of yachts you can book with The Yacht Week: Economy, Standard, Premium and Premium Plus.

Since participating in The Yacht Week, they have added several new routes, including a route through Italy, which they are promoting as slower paced for “sophisticated sailors” and food fans. The latest addition to the Yacht Week experience, this 20-boat tour along the Turkish Mediterranean coast runs in opposite directions every week and is another ideal itinerary for people interested in exploring the area. You may have heard of this thing called The Yacht Week, an exclusive seven-day flotilla, similar to spring break for adults, that includes sailing boats, exotic places and young people from all over the world having fun. For starters, you'll meet the others on your yacht and most likely end up going to parties together, I guess.

If you look at the landing page on The Yacht Week site to see the location you've chosen, you'll see an example route, highlights of the route and what a typical day will look like there. If you can't wait to get to The Yacht Week and party all week and your friend is looking for a quiet and relaxing week of sailing and sightseeing, it's not going to work. You're not going to be the only one flying to Split during yacht week, so I suggest you book flights as soon as you've booked your yacht. Jumping from yacht to yacht at 2 in the morning finding the best boat party is a lot of fun, but believe it or not, it's not completely free of dangers.

At The Yacht Week parties you usually get one or two free drinks with your wristband, but then you have to pay for your drinks. However, yacht availability will depend on your preferred gender ratio, crew size and yacht capacity at destinations. Think of living on a yacht for a week as a floating glamping trip with friends and you can get a better idea of the experience. Therefore, to help those who are struggling with the initial questions, such as “How do I prepare for Yacht Week? , but I don't need another “sunscreen, bikinis and beer” checklist, I created this special guide just for you, plus a packing guide.

In preparation for my second dose of The Yacht Week, I found myself reflecting on how unprepared I had been for my first The Yacht Week. . .

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