What does a host do yacht week?

A host will take your week to a whole new level. They will prepare fresh meals for you on deck every day and keep your yacht in perfect condition. Hosts are included in Premium and Luxury packages and can be added to any Build Your Own package. Food and drink (even for the skipper and hostess) However, it doesn't have to be crazy.

Every night there are 1 to 3 different events organized by Yacht Week. If you want to drink all day, go to all three parties and stay out until 6 in the morning, you can do it. We, on the other hand, spend most of our days venturing sober (saving our drink for organized events) and some nights we even head home early to lie on the boat watching the stars and talking about life together. Grocery shopping on arrival and throughout the week (accompanied by a crew member) Prepare something special for breakfast, lunch and dinner (dinner twice a week).

There is nothing better than a hostess because they make magic happen: they cook for you, they make dinner reservations for you, they really do everything your boss doesn't do. If you look at the landing page on The Yacht Week site to see your chosen location, you'll see an example route, highlights of the route, and what a typical day will look like there. Whether you book a pre-designed package or build your own, every yacht that sets sail at The Yacht Week includes a skipper on board. Your host is an expert on the islands, so when it comes to dining, they'll always have some epic recommendations for you.

However, if you have something specific in mind, let them know and they will book it for you in advance.

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