What license do you need to rent a boat in greece?

No, a license is not required for our boats. According to Greek law, if you want to drive a motorboat up to 30 HP, you can do so without a license or verified previous experience. To charter a yacht in Greece, there must be at least one certified skipper on board and one experienced crew member (both over the age of 18). The skipper must be competent to manage a yacht in tight spaces, anchor and moor in different conditions.

You should also be able to use navigation and piloting skills to plan your sailing day and know your position at any time. What are the requirements for bareboat charter in Greece? If you want to rent a bareboat in Greece, you will need a valid international navigation license to prove your experience. You also need a crew member to help you with some sailing experience. This crew member must be at least 18 years old.

You don't need to have a VHF radio certificate. To successfully rent a boat in Greece, you need a license for any sailing and motor boat with more than 30 hp. Under 30 horsepower, you don't need a boat license for motorboats. In high season, the price of renting a boat in Athens starts from $285 per day and from $1019 per week.

To sail without a skipper in Greece (except for small boats that do not require a license), you must have a valid offshore navigation license, for more than 12 m, and another experienced crew member. For a full list of the different licenses by country and how to apply for the ICC, see my ICC article here (opens in a new tab). With so many yacht charters to choose from in Greece, it's no wonder that it's possible to rent a boat without a license here. Renting a yacht in Greece costs from 1,500 dollars per day in low season and from 10,800 dollars per week.

While it's perhaps the most glamorous sailing option in Greece, it's important to note that The Yacht Week has a serious party atmosphere, so if you're looking for a more relaxed adventure, this might not be the company for you. You will need to be certified for a bareboat cruise to meet charter charter requirements in Europe. To sail a bareboat yacht in Greece, the skipper of the yacht must have previous experience as a skipper on a yacht of similar size and a recognized sailing qualification or certificate such as the ICC (International Certificate of Competence) issued by a recognized or statutory sailing organization. We have been talking for several years about how dreamy it would be to rent a boat and walk from island to island through some of the places in Greece.

The most popular option for adventurers in Greece without a boat license, or even experienced skippers looking for a stress-free holiday, is to rent a boat in Greece with a skipper.

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