Which boat is right for me?

Next, discuss how you plan to use the boat. Will it be a family cruise? Club racing? Day sailing with occasional weekends outside Bluewater sailing? The trick is not to look too far into the future when it comes to buying a boat now. It's very likely that what you think you want 10 years from now will have changed by then anyway. So focus on the present and the near future and buy what fits your lifestyle.

This is a versatile boat with an open bow that invites you to rest and power for a day of water skiing. These boats have storage for baits, rods and lures, as well as live wells for fish to stay alive while you continue fishing. Sport fishing yachts: Few fishing challenges are as intense as hunting large sport fish, and few boats are as ideal to meet that challenge as sport fishing yachts. For fishing trips where you're heading out to sea but won't be too far from the coast to simply head out if bad weather threatens, deck boats are ideal platforms for fishing.

If you don't want a giant yacht or cabin cruiser, consider a cabin ship for environments like these. They are good boats for entertaining and are family-friendly, with a closed deck over the bow of the boat, which provides shade for a nice place to eat, drink and hang out away from the wind and sun. Now that you are familiar with common types of boats, you can determine which type of boat is right for you by determining the use of the boat, its price range, the size of the boat you want, the engine power you need, and the best type of boat for where you live. As you carefully examine each type of boat below, you will find it easier to choose the right boat for you considering its use, how much time you have to spend on the water, and how many people you carry with you regularly.

Keep in mind that some boats are more specialized than others, and may be perfect for one activity but totally inappropriate for another. There are boats made for all kinds of activities, so before you buy, make sure you know what you are going to use your boat for. Yachts are classic boats for leisure and entertainment, with an air of luxury and immense style. Aluminum fishing boats are ideal for serious anglers looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-maneuver boat that makes it easy to concentrate on fishing.

Those who live on Cape Cod, for example, would be better off with a boat that has cabin space, such as a cabin cruise ship, to protect themselves from the cold, while someone who lives in Fort Lauderdale can enjoy a deck boat with more resting space for sunbathing in warm climates. A pontoon might be ideal for lakes or calm rivers, but it wouldn't be the first choice for rough seasonal waters, for example.

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