Which is the best yacht week route?

The best route in Yacht Week; The Greek Yacht Week. How to choose between the best routes of The Yacht Week. This route calls for those who follow the Carpe Diem mantra and seek to live life to the fullest. Explore hidden coves, eat at the best restaurants and party long after sunrise.

The calm seas and charming cities of Croatia create the perfect setting for a crazy event. Be careful, this one will call you year after year. Accelerate the pace on the Original route. Yacht Week Greece is an incredible experience and something I couldn't recommend more.

In fact, it was a little more relaxed than the Croatian version, but it was still full of infinite amounts of fun in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Almost all of our crews (2 full ships) had made Croatia before and almost all of them agreed that they preferred Greece. In retrospect, both routes have a lot of activities. However, the large number of options of Yacht Week makes it difficult not to place it in the first place.

Maybe you've heard about this thing called The Yacht Week, an exclusive seven-day spring break flotilla for adults that involves sailboats, exotic places and young people from all over the world having a lot of fun. Jumping from yacht to yacht at 2 in the morning finding the best boat party is a lot of fun, but believe it or not, it's not completely without danger. In addition, Yacht Week will hold a South Pacific themed function at Bloody Mary's for a night of dancing. Last summer, after participating for the first time in Croatia Yacht Week, I was crazy enough to return to round II, this time for Yacht Week Greece.

Since I went to The Yacht Week, they have added several new routes, including a route from Italy, which they are promoting as slower paced for “sophisticated sailors and food fanatics”. If you're looking for remote island shenanigans with the soundtrack of some of the best underground DJs in the world, The Yacht Week is a solid choice. There are now four types of yachts you can book with The Yacht Week: Economy, Standard, Premium and Premium Plus. At The Yacht Week parties you usually get one or two free drinks with your wristband, but then you have to pay for your drinks.

There really isn't a better route at The Yacht Week, but there are routes that are better for certain people. Last year I wrote the post Everything you need to know about Yacht Week giving an overview of how The Yacht Week works. I was lucky enough to have made 5 trips with The Yacht Week and wanted to share my own experience of each trip to help you decide which route is best for you. For starters, you'll meet the others on your yacht and most likely end up going to parties together, I guess.

The newest addition to the Yacht Week experience, this 20-boat tour along the Turkish Mediterranean coast runs in opposite directions every week and is another ideal itinerary for people interested in exploring the area. You will have to pay for gasoline (ours was 1000 kuna throughout the week), marina fees (200 to 700 per night) and water taxis (20 to 40 per trip).

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